Different Types of Hackers

There are three types of hackers; each type of hacker hacks for a different reason. All three have the required skills needed to accomplish the mission.

Black Hat Hacker

These are the hackers that society commonly percieves as normal. There are the ones that his or her skills to steal money/data, take down computer systems, or even destroy them.
They also try to break into computer systems to steal credit card information and valuable information to sell on the dark web/black market.
They may even lock the computer and network system from the owners and then hold them for ransom.
These hackers have cost companies millions of dollars for credit card and social security information theft.

White Hat Hacker

These are the good guys, computer experts who specialize in penetration testing to ensure a company's servers and systems are secure.
They probe and inspect the company's server, and give a full report of what could be improved, what parts are vulnerable, etc.
They are givien limits on what they can do, and if the fail to comply they are potentially looking at jail time.
Usually, black hat hackers are more intelligle and train better than white hat hackers.

Grey Hat Hacker

Few things in life are clear black and white. The grey hat hacker falls somewhere in between the black hat and the grey hat.
They aren't bad morally, but what they do is highly illegal and could get them on a wanted list.
For example, they might hack into a company's computer system and notify the company of vulnerabilites.
They don't take advantage of the flaw; that is how a black hat operates.